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Just Stuff

Augusta 10th The things we just couldn't keep off our website!

You know, like a picture of Augusta's 10th.  Ah, it simply takes your breath away!

icon Darth Vader Calls The Emperor

Darth Vader places a call to the Emperor after the Death Star gets blown up.  Whoever pulled this one off is a genius!  You'll love it!

icon Star Wars Screen Test

I got this one off of YouTube.  It's actually got Han Solo, C3PO, and Obi Wan.  Pretty good stuff!  Thanks to the Cox-sandwich for this one!

icon SNL Narnia Rap

Get some crazy deliciousness from the crew of SNL!  Mad props!

icon Mac Beautiful

If you're a Mac lover, you understand why someone would go to these great lengths!

icon Our Calendar

This is our communal calendar.  It's a theory, a work in progress.  Kristina & I are going to try to each have calendars, share events, stuff like that.  We'll keep you posted.