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Beautiful Winter Night What's up in Buggleville!
Ah, the perfect evening in Buggleville!  If there were a little snow falling, this would be the perfect scene!  Alas, there is none, but there's still snuggling! </rant>

Stay tuned-in to what's changing in our lives and on this site right here!

icon11/13/2008 - New look and more news...

Hope you like the new look!

Our new buggle is due May 15, 2009.  Here is a pic:

icon10/11/2008 - Yet another Buggle coming to Buggleville!

Matthew and I are expecting another little bundle of joy.  We could not be more grateful, excited, and blessed!  Our estimated due date is May 2009!  Keep checking in for updates!!

icon09/26/2008 - Cheers!

Watch Luke do "Cheers"

icon08/19/2008 - Luke Praisin' the Lord!

icon08/01/2008 - Luke's 1st Bday Montage!

icon03/05/2008 - Oklahoma, we have a crawler!

Luke has decided at 7 months that he is going to crawl!  Enjoy the video:



icon02/12/2008 - Update

Luke is 6 months old and we can't believe it.  I have included a video of him trying to crawl for everyone's enjoyment!  Please also visit the pics section for up-to-date pics of our little baby buggle!



icon08/08/2007 - A new buggle to snuggle with!

Baby BuggleWell, sorry for the late post all!  I've got a few hundred pics posted to our flickr account.  HAVE A LOOK!

icon06/14/2007 - Progress of Luke's room!

Check out the progress of Luke's room.  It just needs some finishing touches!


icon04/20/2007 - Belly Shots

Who wants to see a belly that is large and in charge!??  Click here!


icon03/16/2007 - IT'S A.....

      Luke Westen James will be born in August!!

icon02/01/2007 - Pictures of the new Buggle are up!

Go visit the Hers and the Pics section to see the pictures of our sweet little buggle!

icon12/18/2006 - A new Buggle's coming to town!

There's going to be a new little Buggle arriving in August!  Check back for updates on the pregnancy and pictures of ultrasounds!

icon11/25/2006 - Things get a little crazy on gameday!

Gameday madnessWell, I don't really have any good excuse for this one.  Truthfully, I shaved my head afterwards.  Why?  My girls down at Alterra probably put it best by saying,

"You just wanted to see what you'd look like further down the road."

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up!  So, why not start things off with a little mohawk?  I'd never had one.  I figure every guy should experience a mohawk at least once in their lifetime.  And, you know what?  I actually liked the it better than the shaved head!  Prickly blueman group head just doesn't feel good - the Mrs. finds it sexy, though!  So, Jon, that's your secret, huh!?

icon11/22/2006 - Turkey Day Cometh!

Turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, TURKEY, TURKEY!!!!

Ok, Matt, calm down.  It's going to be ok.

Turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, TURKEY, TURKEY!!!!

Whew!  Yeah, I get worked up on Thanksgiving.  What a wonderful time of year!  Sure, there's that exquisite aroma slowly permeating the house.  Can't you just smell it?  But there's also the leaves turning, a chill starting to work its way into the Oklahoma afternoon, the excitement of the waning weeks of college football, old things fading into memory, and the promise of new.  A simple cup of coffee warming your hands in the morning brings new perspective to everyday pleasures often overlooked.  And with that, you simply stop, listen to the sound of yourself breathing, and for the first time in a long time, you forget about looking forward, and delve headlong into the past.  Memories of yesterday are followed by those of yesteryear, accompanied by smiles, head shaking, and the inevitable, "Am I really that old?"  Yes, yes I am.  But without the wear, the appreciation isn't quite so profound.

So I thank you, my Lord.  Your generosity, Your patience, and Your work in me never ceases.

Thank you my family and friends.  Thank you for your love, and for your prayers.  Thank you for sharing the most precious gift of all - your lives.  May your day be filled with wonderful memories both new and old.  May you enjoy heaping plates of happiness and long groggy turkey-induced naps!

Happy Thanksgiving!